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2018 Auction

Pacem in Terris 2018 Online Auction

Welcome to the 2018 Pacem in Terris Online Auction!

Here’s how it works:
Check out the items below. Bid on all the ones you would like to have. There is a “minimum bid” for each item. This is set into the auction system. There is also a “minimum incremental increase” that you will need to place when you want to top someone else’s bid. (In other words, you can’t add just “one cent” to the previous bidder’s bid, you will need to bid the minimum amount for your new bid to be recorded.)

If someone outbids you, you will receive a notice. And just in case you were wondering where your favorite item went . . .  When someone who really wants one of the auction items bids the “Buy it now” price– they get that item, and it “disappears”– so no one else can get it. So– if you really really want an item, better bid on it before someone else takes it!

Most important instruction: HAVE FUN!

And, thank you of your support of Pacem in Terris.



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