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Contest Winner!

Pacem in Terris is proud to announce the winner of the
Gun Violence Prevention
Data Visualization Contest.

There were many very good entries. Picking the one that was “best” was a difficult task, but we managed to do it.
Congratulations to our winner, Henry Becker.  Henry is a student who is getting his BA in Art and Design at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. He graduates in May 2014.

His winning entry is below:


Entry by  Henry Becker.

Entry by Henry Becker.

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This is what he has to say about his entry:
“Coming from the military I have seen not only the importance of defending my country but I have also seen the harm guns can have on families. Every day to see people hurt was disheartening. It was important for me to convey this message in a poster. So my solution was to put a childlike approach to a harmful topic. Having a girlfriend with 2 kids I was able to see that from a young age kids are surrounded by violence. I thought that the juxtaposition of the children’s toys along with the piled bodies shows the harmful reality of what gun violence has done to our society. We need to stop and look at the future of our children. We may not see the immediate impact of stricter gun laws but I know our kids will!”

Henry goes on to say, “This topic is something that I hold extremely close to my heart, as I have spent many years in the military. Day in and day out I can see the harm and importance weapons have had on depending our country’s freedom. With that being said I think that we have to look at the harm that weapons have had on our country and how can we lessen the impact of these gun related violence’s. I personally have spent two years in Iraq carrying a gun everywhere I went, but I cannot recall a time where I have felt it to be necessary to have one while state side. My solution was to attempt to bring the harsh reality of what is going on in our country to life. The juxtaposition of the facts and child’s toys are perfect as our children are the future of this country. It’s not a question of completely stopping gun ownership in America but it is a question of making it more difficult for guns to be purchased, as there isn’t even a 24 hour hold.

Honorable Mention

Pacem in Terris would also like to acknowledge and honor a few additional entries in the contest. The following made the choice of the winning entry difficult. They were all excellent and made the judges job much harder.

gun violence poster 1Entry by Eric Griffin
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Entry by Hannah Thomas

Entry by Hannah Thomas

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 Entry by Abigail Braman.
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